KSS is now representing B.E.G. Controls in Riverside & San Bernardino Counties!


KSS is proud to announce exclusive representation of B.E.G. Controls, a worldwide leader in building automation technology!


B.E.G. Controls The lighting control professionals

Occupancy sensors no longer have to be another “Beige Disk” hanging from the ceiling. MINI sensors provide full size sensor coverage from a sensor 1/8 the size of most traditional ceiling mounted sensors.

MINI sensors detect not only motion but also daylight allowing for continuous dimming throughout the day. The sensors dim in response to daylight and manually adjusted by the occupant using a push button wall station.

Common sense and style from B.E.G. Controls

There is no reason for lighting controls to be ugly, obvious or distracting. Sensors from B.E.G. Controls are not only functional but also striking in their style and simplicity. Clean ceilings, smooth lines and attractive curves make B.E.G. sensors the choice when appearance counts!

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